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Members of Michael Pesanelli's family are interested to know if you've seen this photo before?

Postcard image of Michael Pesanelli and his Brockton Orchestra with Michael Giovanello, Charles Low and others.
From L to R: Harold Sylvester on trumpet, Unknown on Drums, Michael Giovanniello (?) on Piano, Michael Pesanelli-Orchestra Leader and Violin, Unknown on Saxophone, Unknown on Saxophone. Charles Low, Business Manager (not pictured)

Band Director and Pioneer in Early Radio

An advertisement for Gus Sullivan's Arcadians performing at the Mid-Cape Gardens with Michael Pesanelli as Musical Director.
Michael Pesanelli and his orchestra played in New England—primarily in venues on Cape Cod—in the 1920's and 1930's. Michael also acted as Musical Director for Gus Sullivan's Arcadians—a group that played at the Mid-Cape Gardens in West Harwich/Harwichport, in the 1920's. The venue was later renamed "The Arcadia".

When performing, "Mike", chose to end his name with a "y" instead of an "i" because he liked the look of it in advertisements. He also did this in order to appear less "ethnic" hoping that his name spelled this way would appeal to a broader audience.

Michael became a Technician for WORL which was located at 216 Tremont Street in Boston, MA.

He owned and operated Telavix Recording Studios in Boston. The company name was sometimes represented as "Tel-A-Vix" or "Tela-vix".

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